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Small Goals That Will Change Your Life In 2018

Small Goals That Will Change Your Life In 2018 Posted on January 21, 2018Leave a comment

Personally, I am not a huge fan of New Year resolutions.

  1. They put an immense amount of pressure on us to change too many aspects of our lives/personalities at once.
  2. They put too much focus on the end result, which often makes us overlook the small achievements we make along the way.
  3. I should not have to feel like I need a New Year in order to set myself life-changing goals.

Small Goals That Will Change Your Life In 2018

The better alternative to these clique resolutions is, at least in my opinion, to set a number of small goals that will have a positive effect on your life and make you feel good about yourself. You typically see results much sooner when your goals are both small and attainable, giving you the motivation you need to continue with those lifestyle changes for many years to come.

In the list below, I have collected a few of the most common resolutions/goals that people make each year and have replaced them with an alternative that can easily be incorporated into our day-to-day lives.

  1. Eat Healthier = Try 1 new healthy recipe each week/month
  2. Read more = Listen to an audiobook during my commute
  3. Take better care of myself = Meditate for 5-10 mins each day
  4. Drink more water = Drink 1 glass of water before breakfast
  5. Lose weight = Replace snacks with healthy alternatives

You get the idea.

The original goals are vague and lack any direction. Meanwhile, the goals I have replaced them with are small and attainable. Yes, they may seem insignificant, however, I almost guarantee that you will notice a dramatic difference in your health (physically and mentally) if you made all 5 of these small changes over the course of the year. Better yet, you will likely feel so empowered by your progress, that you will build upon these goals within just a few weeks/months of setting them.

What are your goals for 2018?

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