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4 Ways To Master The Art Of Patience

4 Ways To Master The Art Of Patience Posted on March 30, 20188 Comments

I am not a patient person. Waiting (for anything) has just never come naturally to me. I never thought that my lack of patience was a serious problem. It was just one piece of a patchwork of qualities that made me unique. That is, until recently, when I came to the realisation that this trait was holding me back in many areas of my life — work, relationships and, most of all, my personal development.

In any given situation, if I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted almost instantly I became frustrated and disappointed, leading me to label it or, in most cases, myself as a failure. So I gave up. Threw in the towel. Deemed myself unworthy. Where has this gotten me? Nowhere!

So, I set out to find the tools I would need to become a more patient person. After combing the internet for every tip and trick for mastering the art of patience, I learnt that patience is a skill. And like any other skill, it can be learnt, developed and mastered. Here’s how:

4 Ways To Master The Art Of Patience


Catch yourself the next time you find your mind racing with thoughts of frustration. Take 3 deep breaths and ground yourself in that moment. Use your mind to search your body for any tension. Once you find it, focus on it and imagine yourself literally exhaling the tension with every controlled breath. Think of it as breathing out the bad energy you are holding in your muscles. This is a simple meditation technique that helps put you back into the present moment.

Find Your Triggers

Once you have learnt to catch your mind and ground it when impatience strikes, you can begin to identify and counteract your triggers. Were you running late? Had you skipped a meal? Did you feel physically uncomfortable?

Personally, I found my impatience spiked when I compared myself to others. I felt like my life wasn’t moving as fast as theirs and I just wanted things to magically happen to me. To tackle this trigger I told myself: ‘The less time I spend comparing myself to others, the more time I have to work towards MY dreams.’

Be Thankful

Sometimes we are so caught up chasing the next big thing in our lives, that we forget to appreciate what we already have — family, partners, opportunities at work. Plus, research has shown that practising gratitude can make us happier, optimistic and can even reduce stress.

Take Stock

Being impatient is nothing more than a frugal attempt to squirm your way into the future. Into a moment where you are comfortable and happy. The harsh reality is: The only way to get there is to wait — preferably patiently. You are here, in the present moment. You aren’t going anywhere. No matter how much you huff, puff and stress-out. Once you realise this and accept the situation for what it is, you can focus on making the best of it.

Breath — Take a moment to observe your surroundings — Apply your mind to something more productive

Do you have any tips for becoming a more patient person? If so, share them with me in the comments.


8 thoughts on “4 Ways To Master The Art Of Patience

  1. I also am not a patient person. I now try to not react in the moment – if something upsets me I will take some time to cool off, breathe, go for a walk/run, and then come back to the person/situation with a more clear head.

  2. I also struggle with impatience, particularly with myself if I’m not doing something as quickly – or as well – as I would like, but simply slowing down and acknowledging how far I have come already really helps me out. I still have a long way to go, but at least I’m starting somewhere!

  3. My boyfriend makes fun of me for being impatient! I think this is really good advice that you give in your post. I also compare myself, which leads me to abandon projects or new skills if I don’t seem to take to it as easily as others do. You should read Grit by Angela Duckworth. It really talks about how the most successful people are gritty and don’t give up, even with failure. It was a great read!

  4. I identified that one of my triggers for anger or stress are stupid people. I mean it. When I get e-mail with stupid requests, it melts my brain and I get angry.
    I know it’s stupid and I’m trying really hard to control it.

  5. I struggle with impatience too and I really agree with you on these tips. The other thing i have done is to remind myself that nothing worthwhile comes easy. It takes time. Another tip is to place sticky notes around your house reminding you to be patient.

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