My Story

Hi there! I’m Samantha Allaker (waves enthusiastically).

I’m a magazine editor with big dreams to become a published author. I’m currently writing a fantasy adventure filled with pirates, mermaids and magic.

I’m a city born lass who prefers the peace and quiet of the countryside – much to the joy of my little fur baby, Trixie! You’ll most often find us hiking in the woods or snuggling up in a blanket with a good book.

After graduating from university (many moons ago), I was underwhelmed by the number of opportunities offered to new and aspiring writers. As a result, I decided to independently launch myself into the creative world. It was a daunting process. One that knocked my confidence more times than I cared to admit.

It took me years to build the confidence to take the leap and set out to achieve my biggest dream. Now I want to help other writers do the same.

I share writing tips, exercises and resources that aim to help you improve your writing and gain the confidence to share your stories with the world.

If you are writing (or thinking about writing) your own novel, I’d love to connect!


Freelance Overview

I produce original and well-researched content for luxury brands, industry leaders and publications including The London Magazine, WWF, Aspect County Magazine, Brown + Hudson, Amber Ward Mineral Makeup and Kreol Magazine.

Beauty, health, fashion, literature and travel are my areas of expertise.

Where Else To Find Me:

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